Katie Degutis

Director of Operations

Job description in three sentences or less?
Every day is different for Katie, but generally she works with the client services and production teams to ensure that clients get their materials on time and are 100% satisfied with the outcome, knowing that all information is accurate and correct. She strives to assure Catalyst is serving clients strategically and helping them find efficiencies in their marketing efforts to best get leads in the door. 

What ignites you?

Favorite quote?
“Que sera, sera.”

Last book you read?
All the Missing Girls — I’m a sucker for anything touted as the next Gone Girl. 

Favorite place in the world?
Can I pick the world? I have visited 32 different countries, and I can’t wait to add more to that list. 

Favorite family tradition?
Easter baskets and Christmas stockings — most people think you outgrow them, but at the Degutis house, they’ll always be a staple!